Power4Work – MSD Prevention

  • A tested MSD Prevention program that bring together Wellness & Safety and helps change employee attitudes and beliefs about MSDs.
  • Baseline and ongoing assessments, educational resources, videos, challenges, pre-work fitness and micro-break exercises raise awareness and lower MSD costs.
  • Train-the-trainer workshops empower Wellness & Safety officers to reinforce the Wellness and Safety messages and help support employees on a day to day basis.
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  • Individual and team challenges help employees embrace wellness and adopt a healthier lifestyle – all while they’re having fun!
  • A catalogue of interactive wellness challenges provide employees with many options to help them meet their wellness goals and achieve rewards.
  • Challenges are many and varied and new ones created – all customized to employee needs and interests.
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Exercise and Cooking Demonstrations

  • Employees get the most benefit from their physical activity with exercise videos demonstrating proper form and technique.
  • Customized fitness plans are created by employees and coaches to help achieve fitness goals.
  • The Healthy Chef Series shows the preparation and cooking of quick, convenient and healthy meals.
  • Employees learn to eat better, feel good and work well.
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  • Articles, videos and webinars offer information and practical tips on wide variety of topics.
  • Articles are searchable and printable.
  • Interactive webinars are offered live, others are recorded to be viewed at any time.
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Coaching & Counselling


  • Communication with coaches is private and confidential – available online and by telephone.
  • Each employee’s needs and goals are unique, so our approach is too. No scripts. No time limits.
  • Access to expert health professionals in all areas of wellness
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Health Risk Assessments


  • Create a picture of health for your employees and your bottom line.
  • Health Risk Assessments, including biometric screening, outline your organization’s top health issues,
  • Participants receive a Personal Wellness Profile Report outlining their health issues and recommendations for action.
  • Employee privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.
  • An aggregate company-wide report offers information to help plan an effective wellness strategy.
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Rewards & Incentives

  • Fully-integrated incentive and rewards programs to drive participation
  • Easy for employees to participate – large range of wellness activities, challenges, goal trackers, webinars
  • Different incentive levels based on improvement in health and/or participation
  • Targeted promotional and communication campaigns
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