The Health Risk Assessment provides each participant with a complete health and lifestyle evaluation based on the most current scientific guidelines for optimal health. Biometric screening is the first step in the health risk assessment process. We use a global vendor to provide companies with the most comprehensive system of biometric screening and health risk assessments. This integrated approach ensures compliance standards are met. Employees access the Health Risk Assessment on Evexia through a Single-Sign-On. The Health Risk Assessment is available in multiple languages. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.
Here’s a glimpse of the process:

  • Clinical data are collected as part of the assessment. Our global biometric vendor uses a train-the-trainer approach to make sure screening is consistent at all locations.
  • Employees sign-up for their screening appointment using an online system with automated email reminders.
  • Employees complete the health risk assessment questionnaire online and print their own private and confidential Personal Wellness Profile Report. Manual questionnaires are also available.
  • Communication and promotional materials are branded to your organization.
  • Recommendations for incentives are included to increase participation.
  • Data are analyzed and compiled in aggregate form and include benchmarking, comparative data and recommendations for action.