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Be Strong & Live Long

May 2, 2019

Be Strong & Live Long

Are you searching for a more youthful look? Well, strength training and physical activity may be your best friend to turn back the clock.  As we get older, muscle strength declines along with muscle mass and body fat increases. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a muscle loss of up to 0.4 lbs per year after the age of 50 with a general decline of about 1% per year after that. Conversely, the weight that we gain as we age is usually weight from fat.  Therefore, even if your weight remains the same, your body composition changes, adding more fat and less muscle. Of the two, loss in muscle mass has been shown to be the greater risk for reducing life expectancy.

New research predicts that individuals with low muscle mass and low muscle strength are at increased risk for reduced life expectancy. In a 24-year follow-up study, researchers found that grip strength was a strong, long-term predictor of life expectancy. Another long-term study measuring the fat and lean body weight of over 700 men, found that after a 22-year follow-up, men with the least muscle mass had a 40% increased risk of early death compared to men with higher muscle mass.

Strength is an essential component in preventing injuries and the development of Musculoskeletal Disorders. It also improves balance and stability, decreases the risk of osteoporosis, reduces blood pressure, increases the number of calories you burn and reduces low back pain.

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