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The Business of Corporate Wellness

May 29, 2018

There is compelling evidence that a sizeable portion of the billions of dollars currently spent by employers on health-related costs is manageable by means of quality Corporate Wellness.  These benefits have been confirmed through extensive research that shows beyond a doubt: good health is good business.

Research over the past 3-4 decades clearly demonstrates that:

  1. Lifestyle related risk factors and behaviours of employees, as well as unhealthy work environments and practices, drive costs.
  2. Productivity decreases with the number of health risks.
  3. Absenteeism increases with the number of health risks.
  4. Healthcare costs increase with the number of health risks. Changes in health care costs follow changes in health risks – if you decrease the number of health risks, you decrease your costs as well.
  5. There is an inverse relationship between health care costs and wellness score.  As one decreases, the other increases.
  6. The do-nothing strategy of waiting for sickness then paying for treatment is a failed strategy.

In a healthy company, over 50 % of employees  have between zero and one risk factor, resulting in  lower costs for the employer.  However,  too often over 50% of employees have two to three risk factors resulting in higher employer costs.

An effective workplace wellness strategy is to stop the migration of people to higher risk and keep low risk people at low risk. As previously demonstrated, having the majority of employees in low risk categories cost the organization significantly less in terms of health care costs and results in a more productive and engaged workforce.

Where does your organization fit? Does it fit the pattern of a healthy company?

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