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Corporate Wellness

Evexia corporate workplace health & Wellness Case Studies

Health and Wellness Programs

Oil Sector

With 950 employees working in geographically dispersed offices & worksites. The field worksites are mostly in remote northern locations, some reachable only via helicopters

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Corporate Health and Wellness

Legal Sector

About 230 employees working in geographically dispersed primarily urban office work locations with other provincial sites requiring a lot of walking, standing and stair climbing.

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Corporate Wellness Companies

Public Sector

Public Sector with 6,500employees working in urban and rural geographically dispersed offices and worksites. Some communities were primarily French-speaking.

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Successful corporate wellness programs Experience

The cost of employee health care to companies is increasing yearly at an alarming rate. The conventional method of directing resources largely to treat employees who are sick or injured is no longer economically sound. This old way of thinking is clearly one reason for the spiraling pharmaceutical, absenteeism and other health care expenses most organizations face each year. Furthermore, the increasing prevalence of preventable chronic diseases in the workplace is creating a perfect storm of more sickness that drives more costs.

No company will be successful in a globally competitive world with anything but healthy and productive employees. And this is where the Evexia Corporate Wellness comes in. It helps employers create environments that encourage employees to stay well in addition to taking care of them when they get sick. And it empowers employees to become self-leaders and decrease their risks through a variety of wellness products and services. In a nutshell, the focus of the Evexia Corporate Health & Wellness is both sickness prevention and successful employee wellness promotion. Thus our successful health & wellness program aims to both lower employee risks and prevents disease as well as helping healthy employees stay healthy. And the return on investment of quality Corporate Wellness is undeniable.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate health & wellness program can do

But quality Corporate Health and Wellness has to be radically different than stand-alone, piecemeal wellness programming such as onsite blood pressure checks, weight loss incentives or lunch hour fitness walks, often implemented with limited success. Quality Corporate Wellness Program has to be driven from the top, integrated into the company culture, be purposeful, strategic and must be evaluated annually.

The Evexia Successful corporate workplace employee health & wellness programs fulfill these criteria and are also cost-neutral – when decreases in pharmaceutical claims, absenteeism, and overall health care costs are considered. That is, a company investing in the Evexia Corporate Wellness employee health & wellness programs has lower health-related costs on one side of the economic equation while realizing increased health-related productivity on the other side of the equation. There is no downside!

Below is a sample of the successful health program profile of two companies that invested in the Evexia Corporate Wellness program showing health risks at baseline and after 1 & 2 years measured via the Evexia MindBody Health Risk Assessment & screening 

Corporate Wellness

Why evexia health plan better than others

The company I have a higher risk profile, with more employees at high risk relative to Company II with a healthier profile and fewer employees at high risk. Changes in risk over 2 years after the comprehensive and incentivized Evexia Corporate workplace health & wellness program are outlined for both companies. As shown above, there was a significant improvement in the health profile of both companies, with both increases in the number of employees at low risk (38% to 62%) and decreases in the number of employees at high risk ( 45% to 29%) for Company I. Similar improvements were found in Company II, with increases in low risk status from 45% to 60% and decreases in high risk status from 45% to 29%.

It is well established through research and industry reports that as employees get healthier, employer costs decrease. The cost savings for both companies are projected below:

Corporate Wellness

These cost savings estimate the potential annual savings that may be realized by reducing health risks in each organization. And if the actual health costs are available, these estimates can be easily verified through direct measurement. corporate workplace employee health, health and wellness programs for the employee, Successful corporate wellness programs

Corporate workplace health & wellness program for employee


  • Standard Portal A One-Stop Solution for Corporate workplace health & Wellness Comprehensive, Engaging, Cost-effective, Easy to Implement
  • Stand-alone HRA The Health Risk Assessment comes with the Evexia Health portal but is also available as a stand-alone product.
  • Online scheduler The online scheduler is ideal for scheduling one-time or recurring appointments, health & wellness events, medical campaigns, clinical visits, health care seminars, etc.
  • Enterprise Portal Services Evexia is also available on a Reseller Basis (B2B) as a Fully Customized White Label Health and Wellness Portal.
  • Application integration & SSO Evexia integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors and APPs. This allows you to house all your health, wellness, benefits and other programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.
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