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EvexiaPersonal Wellness Packages

February 21, 2018

Evexia ® launches Personal Wellness Packages to help you take charge of your health and commit to a life of energy, vitality and wellness.
Choose to “Challenge Yourself” with Evexia ® your personal online wellness guide offering you the latest information to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and decrease your risk.
Through Evexia ® you can create your own wellness plan, read educational articles, watch engaging videos and track your progress.
Choosing from comprehensive wellness challenges will help you:
• Improve your fitness
• Get to a healthy weight
• Eat healthy
• Look after your muscles and joints and prevent injuries
• Quit smoking
• Learn to relax and better manage the stresses of daily life
Add the interactive Meal Planner to Evexia’s Healthy Chef videos and you have access to a rich and unparalleled nutrition program with customized meal planning, suggestions for healthy meals, how to prepare them and a shopping list of ingredients. And you can choose from over 2000 healthy recipes from around the world and 5 specialized diets:
• Gluten – Free
• Vegetarian
• Weight Loss
• Diabetic
• Heart Healthy

And to help you identify risk factors that can affect your health and get information on preventive steps to decrease your risk and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you can add the Evexia Mind Body TM Health Risk Assessment.
After you complete your Health Risk Assessment, you can print your Personal Wellness Report that includes your Wellness Score and Health Age based on your current lifestyle, and completing a yearly Health Risk Assessment will help you track your progress in reaching your wellness goals.

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