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Interactive Meal Planner and Healthy Chef

Interactive Meal Planner

Participants have access to a rich and unparalleled nutrition program. This includes customized meal planning, suggestions for healthy meals, shopping list, over 2000 recipes from all over the world and specialized diets such as ‘Gluten – Free’, ‘Vegetarian’, ‘Weight Loss’, ‘Diabetic’ and ‘Heart Healthy’. These are accessible on any mobile device allowing employees to have information while shopping, socializing or cooking.

Healthy Chef

Evexia’s team of registered dietitians and cooking coaches have developed a series of recipes and cooking demonstrations that employees can use to prepare simple, easy-to-make and nutritious meals. The goal is to support and promote healthy lifestyles through the development of healthy eating habits and cooking skills. Video demonstrations include special topics such as vegetarian meals, food and mood, performance nutrition, diabetic diets, and others. These are accessible on any mobile device allowing employees to follow the recipe while cooking.

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