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Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace: Communicate Mindfully

February 14, 2019

Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace: Communicate Mindfully

Mindfulness brings relief from daily stresses and allows employees to be more effective at work.  When starting mindfulness practice, expect a learning curve.   The more one practices, the greater the benefits.

Communicating mindfully in the workplace is a great way to implement mindfulness in your daily work life.  This practice will help you turn a stressful workday into nourishing mindful living.

Mindful communication is an effective tool for improving the quality of the communication between you and your co-workers while simultaneously deepening your mindfulness practice.  Communication is at the essence of all we do in the workplace.  Mindful communication between teammates, co-workers, and supervisors improve the quality of the message.  So mindful communication is invaluable in the workplace.

This mindful communication practice requires more attention and skills and is considered a more advanced technique.  When attempting this practice there are a few approaches to take that will provide better results such as:

  1. When listening, really listen. When someone is talking to you directly or to a group, be fully present on the spoken words. Refrain from picking up your phone or purposefully distracting yourself by thinking about chores, stare out the window or other such activities. It is also important not to judge the words and simply listen to everything that is being said.
  2. Become aware of the effect of your words. Become aware of the impact of your own words.  Speaking mindfully implies that you are aware of the effect your words have on others.  Try focusing on your message before speaking and anticipate possible reactions to your words.  The intent of the message is as important as the message itself and the speaker must ensure that no one is hurt by the spoken words. There are always options to consider.

Here are 5 practices for mindful communication.

  1. Understand what you believe and why it may be important to you.
  2. Accept that your perceptions may have limitations and be open to new ideas and interpretations.
  3. Empathy is an important skill to apply to all communication. It is important to show kindness, everyone in the workplace carries a burden and stress.
  4. Think about the impact your judgment plays in all communications.
  5. Openness and caring of others will improve the quality of communication and achieve better outcomes.
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