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Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace: Positive Mental Health

January 30, 2019

Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace: Positive Mental Health

Mindfulness brings relief from daily stresses and allows employees to be more effective at work.  When starting mindfulness practice, expect a learning curve.   The more one practices, the greater the benefits.

Positive Mental Health is a great way to implement mindfulness in your daily work life.  This practice will help you turn a stressful workday into nourishing mindful living.

Positive Mental Health is defined by three components: competence, autonomy, and relatedness.  Positive Mental Health mindfulness practice allows employees to notify their emotions, biases, and attitudes when dealing with other people.  It is one of the most powerful practices in self-discovery and provides employees with the ability to deal positively with harmful perceptions of self and others.  It provides a renewed sense of one’s value, self-worth and a sense of belonging to the workplace.

Mindfulness practice can be practiced throughout the workday.  When approaching someone, consciously consider what emotions are triggered and consider engaging in a positive encounter by acknowledging the person regardless of the previous relationship with this individual.  It is simple and easy and will reap great benefits even if no words are exchanged.

Here are some quick tips to be practiced in the workplace.

  • A crisis in the workplace is an opportunity to learn, witness, shape and appreciate an improved workplace culture.
  • Express gratitude by writing down what you are most grateful for in the workplace.
  • 30 minutes of exercise with co-workers is an employee’s best friend and has physical, mental and social benefits.
  • Identify those people in the workplace who care about your wellbeing and support your wellness goals.
  • Slow your life and breathe. A more relaxed workplace increases productivity and a sense of commitment reduces unwarranted stress and provides a healthier work environment.


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