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Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace Break-Time Meditation

March 1, 2019

Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace Break-Time Meditation

Mindfulness brings relief from daily stresses and allows employees to be more effective at work.  When starting mindfulness practice, expect a learning curve.   The more one practices, the greater the benefits.

Practicing break-time meditation is a great way to implement mindfulness in your daily work life.  This practice will help you turn a stressful workday into nourishing mindful living.

Mindful self-discovery bringing clarity, relief, and peace can be practiced anytime during the day while at work and after work.  Taking short breaks will allow you to breathe and be mindful throughout each day, whether at work or at home.

Break-time meditation incorporates portions of practices presented in previous blogs.

Utilizing your breaks positively can be an effective strategy bringing your mindfulness practice to the workplace on a daily basis.  You may engage in a meditation session in your office, your car, while eating by yourself or silently with another, or during a short walk at mid-point during your workday.

The more you are mindful, the more you will remember to be mindful.  Becoming and remaining mindful is somewhat of a challenge.  Corporations that encourage the use of mindful practice as part of the organizational culture will quickly achieve an improved corporate culture and achieve a thriving wellbeing environment for all employees.

Here is a summary of the five key workplace mindful strategies presented in previous blogs.

1) “GOING HOME”: Be aware of your in- and out- breathing.  Don’t worry if your concentration is broken, just return to your breathing awareness.

2) POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH:  It is a powerful meditative practice in self-discovery and it provides employees with the ability to deal positively with harmful perceptions of self and others.  It provides a renewed sense of one’s value, self-worth and sense of belonging to the workplace.

3) WALKING MINDFULLY:  Mindful walking will provide great relief, reduce stress and have a significant impact on improving your ability for introspective thinking, self-growing and provide great inner strength throughout the day.

4) COMMUNICATE MINDFULLY:  Communication is at the essence of all we do in the workplace.  Mindful communication between teammates, co-workers and supervisors improves the quality of the message with more clarity.  Mindful communication is therefore invaluable in the workplace.

5) MINDFUL USE OF TECHNOLOGY:  The main objective is to  stop mindless use of technology every time you are about to engage with your choice of technology.


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