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Power4Work – MSD Prevention

Power4Work – Musculoskeletal Disorder(MSD) Prevention

Here’s a glimpse of Evexia’s Power4Work

  • Baseline information is gathered through the Evexia Mind-Body Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that identifies personal health as well as work-related risk factors specific to MSDs. Educational sessions raise awareness about the importance of exercise, strength, safe lifting and manual handling.
  • Individual risk factors such as excess weight, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and fatigue are addressed through challenges and social support.
  • Brief pre-work fitness sessions to stretch and warm-up muscles along with micro-breaks offer relief for repetitive, manual or sedentary work.
  • Wellness and safety messages are reinforced by incorporating wellness education into safety sessions and safety education into wellness sessions.
  • The Evexia Mind Body HRA can be repeated annually to track changes in personal health and MSDs and report results.
Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention

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