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Return on Investment (ROI) of Corporate Wellness

May 22, 2018

The cost of health care to companies is increasing yearly at an alarming rate. The conventional method of directing resources largely to treat employees who are sick or injured is no longer economically sound. This old way of thinking is clearly one reason for the spiraling pharmaceutical, absenteeism and other health care expenses most organizations face each year. Furthermore, the increasing prevalence of preventable chronic diseases in the workplace is creating a perfect storm of more sickness that drive more costs.

No company will be successful in a globally competitive world with anything but healthy and productive employees.  And this is where Corporate Wellness comes in. It helps employers create environments that encourage employees to stay well in addition to taking care of them when they get sick. And it empowers  employees to become self-leaders and decrease their risks through a variety of wellness products and services.

In a nutshell, the focus of Corporate Wellness is both sickness prevention and wellness promotion. Thus it aims to both  lower employee risks and prevent disease as well as help healthy employees  stay healthy. And the return on investment  of quality Corporate Wellness is undeniable.

Corporate Wellness

But quality Corporate Wellness has to be radically different than stand-alone, piecemeal wellness programming such as onsite blood pressure checks, weight loss incentives or lunch hour fitness walks, often implemented with limited success.   Quality Corporate Wellness has to be driven from the top, integrated into the company culture, be purposeful, strategic and must be evaluated annually.

And when Corporate Wellness fulfills these criteria, it is cost-neutral –  paid out of savings in pharmaceutical claims, absenteeism and overall health care costs.  And a company investing in Corporate Wellness has lower health – related  costs on one side of the economic equation while realizing increased  health – related productivity on the other side of the equation.

There is no downside!

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