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Standard Portal

Corporate health & wellness Program Standard Portal

The Evexia customizable health and wellness portal is a one-stop solution for individuals and employers, that enables complete management of all workforce and member health & wellness programs and resources. Evexia comes with a suite of corporate employee health and wellness solutions that enables you to improve the health of your workforce and track results. The portal also includes the Evexia Mind-Body HRA, interactive online Event Scheduler, Meal Planner, thousands of recipes, and the Evexia MSD Prevention Program. It is designed to fit any screen resolution; Desktop/PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Employers need not worry about hosting and maintaining the portal. It is completely hassling free. It motivates employees and members to adopt healthier practices at the same time making it easy for administrators to manage the portal and workforce health from the backend.

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health and wellness standard portal

How health and wellness standard portal Works

Working with the Evexia health and wellness standard portal is very easy and simple. Through the intuitive dashboard, users can lookup Challenges, Goal Trackers and make entries to their journal and keep track of changes in blood pressure, body weight, sleep patterns, physical activity, nutrition at home, at work, anytime, anyplace. This enables high adoption rate because it is easy to use and includes built-in engagement tools like healthy recipes, resources/articles, video libraries, personal and private blogs to keep users coming back on regular basis.

Employee workplace Wellness solutions Features and Benefits

  • Portal can be set up in less than 3 working days
  • Responsive design and mobile interface
  • Easy to use the content management system to publish specific content to your users
  • Evexia Reports can be generated at a click of the button. These include Portal Usage, Aggregate HRA Report, Event Scheduler and Coaching reports (if applicable). Custom reports can be generated on request.
  • Portal can be customized with your organization’s logo and branding.
  • Confidential health coaching & Customizable rewards platforms.
  • The Evexia Mind-Body customizable Health Risk Assessment.
  • Integration capabilities with any third-party vendor.
  • Clinical events platform including online schedule/calendar

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