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What the get fit in 15 challenge did for me is it created a well- rounded workout. It keeps track of the cardio that you did, the stretching you did and also your strength training. So I kept in mind that I should cover all these areas. And I was excited every morning to get back to work and log on the computer and see where I was compared to everybody else. So it actually made it a little competitive…and helped me stay in check. The results that I saw was that it did lengthen my cardio. I did see a lot of strength benefits and definitely flexibility, even though I do yoga. Making sure I am stretching every day after a workout was a huge benefit.
I learned about the program through company emails and wanted to participate in the wellness challenges and physical programs because I participated in other wellness programs with other companies I worked with over 30 years. So I did the biometrics and HRA and everything went great… and all were great except for a little section that says your PSA levels are higher than normal and recommended I saw my own doctor. So he started running tests …and all came back negative. And for those who don’t understand …the PSA test shows your chance for prostate cancer. As a result, I check now my own levels on a yearly basis. And I encourage everybody to take part in it. I am glad ….(company) is doing this for us.
The other great thing about the portal is that they do biometrics testing and also a health questionnaire at the end. I’ve always tried to be a fit person but it did just kind of kept me in check, where I was with my health and my eating and I encouraged a lot of other people to be a part of it because for some people it may be a bit of a wake- up call. And then when you go back to the portal, it has so many great resources about different ways of eating, being active every day, nutritional information and it will really help more people being involved in a healthy lifestyle.
Last year we started the wellness program with biometrics and a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire. Out of the questionnaire, I learned my risk factors and what I should change in my lifestyle. My health was not good… I ate unhealthy foods, was overweight, had high blood pressure and did not get enough sleep. So I signed up for the weight loss challenge. After 3 months I lost 3 kilos and feel good. I want to lose 10 more kilos this year. Definitely, I want to participate in upcoming wellness challenges and events.
I participated in a biometrics study and completed an HRA offered through the company which helped identify aspects of our own lives and personal habits, some which were good and some not so good… I learned a great deal from this and I thoroughly recommend it for everyone
I joined the weight loss challenge that was on our wellness portal through work. I didn’t win but I lost a lot of the weight I wanted to lose. It was good… Probably the number one thing that the wellness program showed me was to watch what I did and what I didn’t eat. The rest was up to me.
I always felt tired and run down and my HRA report pointed out some reasons for this. So I decided to tackle my sleeping first. I got information by contacting a coach through the wellness program offered at work and got tips on getting a good night’s sleep. Now I go to bed earlier and get about 8 and a half hours of sleep. And tracking my sleep helps me stay on track. As a result, I feel better and I’m more productive.
The HRA and biometric screening showed me I had to make changes in my lifestyle and if I continued on this path I would get sick. I decided to keep things fairly easy and very simple. So first and foremost I took the healthy eating challenge, read all the material and watched the videos and decided to tackle saturated fats and salt. I was an avid coffee drinker and replaced it with water. I drink 2 liters every day. I now eat breakfast every day which I never used to do. And the Healthy Chef videos helped a lot…and is great…
I knew my diet could improve and I always felt tired and run down. This went along with the erratic sleeping pattern. So I signed up for the HRA and biometrics. Some of the results jumped out at me. My HRA report was not good. My cholesterol and blood sugar were high, I had to make changes to my diet and get more exercise. Along with the report came recommendations for action. So I took action. I joined many of the wellness activities offered and I feel good. I am thankful …..( company) offers us this wellness portal.
The wellness program for me has been miraculous. It’s been invaluable. It made me feel a lot better… I feel a lot healthier. One of the key things it’s done really is it changed my whole mindset. You know, people have choices, they make the right choice, they make the wrong choice. But I was forever making the wrong choice. So I find it really for me very beneficial. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. It’s been a revelation for me. I just like to thank ….(company) for all their help and support especially the coordinators and coaches who offer so much help and motivation. It’s been really good.
I was 245 pounds. I was overweight and tired. I decided to get down to 200 pounds by the end of this year. I am 207 pounds now and in November. I think the wellness portal helps by giving information and encouragement. And there are many great resources to help you as well.
I teach lunchtime yoga to co-workers. The wellness program here has been great to be involved in. It’s really benefitted me and I’ve seen results. Not every company has a program like this. The portal makes it easy to be involved so I definitely encourage everyone to participate.
The wellness program is good for us. It helps by giving encouragement and always offers something that helps people feel better about themselves.
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