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Tips to help control anger

June 26, 2018

Tips to help control anger

If you know you have a problem with anger.

• Identify your triggers and what tips you over the edge.
• Take time out and try to get away from the source of anger.
• Learn to relax. Deep breathing can act to break the circuit of anger.
• Laugh. Sometimes anger occurs because we take ourselves or situations too seriously.
• Remove yourself from the situation.
• Exercise. Yoga, Tai Chi or simply going for a walk can relax tense muscles and make you feel better. Listen to music.
• Do a countdown. Count to 10 and breathe deeply.
• Think positively. Try to focus on good things in the situation.
• Discuss your feelings with family and friends.
• Find alternatives. For example, if traffic jams fill you with rage and frustration, seek a different route, leave earlier or try to find a different way to travel.
• Get help from a counselor if you need it.

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