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Why be concerned about Cholesterol?

June 5, 2018

Elevated cholesterol is one of the three main controllable risk factors for heart disease, along with high blood pressure and smoking. All three can increase your risk of heart disease by ten times or more. You can reduce that risk by lowering your cholesterol. For every 1% drop in your LDL, the risk of coronary heart disease drops by 2–3%.

Lifestyle steps for Lowering Cholesterol

• Eat less fat
• Eat more fruits and vegetables and legumes
• Eat less red meat
• Eat more food high in fiber
• Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
• Exercise regularly

What Affects Cholesterol Levels?

• Family history
• Eating habits (reducing your total fat intake)
• Increased physical activity— it increases the HDL (good cholesterol)
• Stay at a healthy weight
• Smoking (tends to lower HDL – good cholesterol)

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